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One of the most frequent questions we get from customers who are thinking about having a granite countertop installed in their kitchen is about the prep work they need to do before we get there. It’s a great question to ask because there are few things more frustrating than walking into someone’s home only to see that they’re not ready for you to go to work. It costs both the homeowner and our time and money, but there’s an easy solution!

Before we make your custom-fit granite countertop, our first step is to develop a template of your kitchen, which involves taking meticulous measurements for a virtual design or in more complicated cases, creating an actual physical template.

What makes this easier? Having a clean kitchen. The less clutter on your countertops, the easier it will be for us to get accurate measurements of the entire kitchen, including every hole, outlet, gap, corner, and more. As you can imagine, accuracy is essential – one wrong measurement can result in a bad fit, more work, and more time and money spent.

Next, since you’ll probably be purchasing new hardware for your kitchen, like sinks and faucets, it’s important to buy them ahead of time. It eliminates guesswork, which improves the quality of the final product. Where do you want the faucet? Will there be a soap dispenser next to it? How big will the sink be? Knowing these details before we create your custom granite countertop will make the countertop installation go much smoother.

Finally, if you want to prepare for your new granite countertop to be installed, take the items out of your drawers and lower cabinets. This will make it so much easier for proper post-installation cleanup. Why? Well, as we install this custom-designed granite countertop, sliding and pushing it into place on top of your cabinets, the friction can create sawdust, and this sawdust needs somewhere to go. Gravity dictates that it’s going to fall, into the empty top of the cabinet, into the drawers and cabinets, coating anything in there with a very light layer of sawdust. By removing everything ahead of time, all you’ll need for clean-up is a quick wipe with a wet cloth!

Can we install an amazing custom-built granite countertop in a kitchen for someone without all the prep work? Of course. But our favorite customers are the ones who know that we’re trying to do the best job possible and do their part too!

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