Quartz countertops are manmade products manufactured to have the natural beauty of stone – which is why you can often find them at a lower cost than natural stone. From Silestone Lyra to Babylon Grey, there are hundreds of different types of quartz countertops on the market today. While quartz countertops look like natural stone, they are in fact manufactured by companies around the world. Let’s look into a brief history of quartz production, and a few of the different types of quartz that are popular today.

Brief History of Quartz Production

Companies began engineering quartz countertops in the early 1960s when the Italian company Breton S.p.A pressed polymer resins into raw quartz crystals, creating a smooth and stone-like surface. This innovative method was easy to replicate and cheaper than sourcing massive stones from the earth – which is why quartz countertops have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Browse these types of quartz countertops and the companies that made them a reality.


Self-titled “original quartz surface manufacturer,” Caesarstone was one of the first businesses to start selling engineered stone. You can choose from over 50 different colors, multiple edge profiles as well as various textures including satin, matte and smooth. You may even find more dynamic designs that may include lace and crocodile skin. Caesarstone is one of the most popular quartz products on the market today.

One of the many types of Quartz- Caesarstone. This type of quartz integrates small gems in the quartz for a unique design. the image shows a white /off white color with small black and gray gem stones in it.


Another top seller, Silestone is engineered by an Italian company, Cosentino. This type of quartz is known for using vibrant colors for their designs that are not naturally seen. With over 140 colors and 15 edge profiles, there are plenty of options to choose from when designing countertops.


Cambria, a Minnesota-based quartz manufacturer, actually started out in the dairy supply industry back in 1936. They acquired a license in 2000 to begin engineering and selling quartz becoming one of the most popular quartz brands in just a couple of decades. Homeowners tend to like it for its smooth, realistic look as well as its lifetime warranty. Considered a luxury brand, Cambria is the only brand manufactured solely in the US and is available in over 100 different design styles and colors.

a colection of mutiple samples of types of quartz. The image shows stacks of small squares of quartz stone each with a different color/design. they are stacked on top of each other with 4 stacks of different height.


Manufactured in North America, HanStone is particularly useful for commercial and residential applications that require high levels of durability. With 6 times the strength of granite, Hanstone is great for families that do a lot of cooking or for businesses that need a countertop to be resilient. There are over 50 design styles and seven beautiful collections to choose from.

LG Viatera

An LG product- yes, THAT LG– LG Viatera is an Italy-born creation available in 50 colors. It boasts strength, quality and a nonporous surface that doesn’t require sealants or waxes that other stone surfaces need to stay hygienic. LG Viatera is National Sanitation Foundation and Greenguard certified meaning it was built by using sustainable materials with an eco-friendly manufacturing process.


For a huge selection of quartz countertops, turn to MSI Surfaces. MSI quartz presents some of the most natural-looking surfaces available on the market. With well over 300 types to choose from, there is a design for every vision.

The Calacatta series presents some of the newest looks with light veining over backgrounds in various shades of white. Calacatta Leon Gold, for example, features a gorgeous fusion of taupe with rust-colored vein highlights, mimicking the appearance of marble. Chic and modern, this is a very popular choice.

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 As one of the first companies to begin selling quartz surfaces back in 2000, Corian, formerly Zodiaq, has a solid track record of excellence. Engineered from exceptionally hard and durable quartz crystals, Corian quartz surfaces present more than 60 designs with over 40 hues to choose from.


 Based in Florida, Pompeii Quartz is easy to care for, resistant to chemicals, heat, and stains, and full of quality. With unique veining and colors that range from subtle to bold and bright, Pompeii comes in over 90 colors.

Manufactured on advanced Breton technology, this quartz also comes with a 15-yr residential warranty and the guarantee that its eco-friendly production process won’t pollute. Certified by Green Guard for being free of unwanted volatile organic compounds, this quartz adheres to strict industry standards. The company’s production process doesn’t release contaminating gasses or sound and all water used in production is fully recycled. Eco-manufactured quartz doesn’t get much greener than this!


 Daltile has a wide focus that includes ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and glass as materials from which their products are made. Made in Dickison, Tennessee from imported materials, Daltile offers exclusive designs and colors. The company’s American Reserve stone-look quartz countertops reflect a regal stoicism with a chic concrete look, as well as stone, and noble gray.

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A newcomer to the quartz market, Vadara offers many types of styles. With some of the most natural colors available on the market today, this brand offers a unique sampling.

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 A self-described leading global manufacturer of high-quality quartz products for use in both residential and commercial settings, Vicostone has an unbeatable selection. Elegant and sleek with over 100 designs for each style, this is an extremely popular brand of interior surfaces. When looking for Orlando granite or quartz, ask about this top brand.


Highly crafted with excellence in mind, Compac quartz focuses on shades of white, black, and gray with gorgeous striations and veining. Showrooms that feature granite in Orlando may also have Compac products to offer.

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