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Countertops are a vital part to your kitchen both from a design and a functional standpoint. Quality countertops improve the aesthetic of your entire kitchen and should withstand the beating that daily cooking can do. Not all countertops are made from the same high quality, durable materials. On average, you should be replacing your countertops every 10-15 years depending on the material. Below are some of the top reasons you may need a countertop replacement.

Countertop Stains and Burns

Many stains and burns can be scrubbed off with the right cleaning products, however some can permanently scar your countertop. Laminate countertops, for instance, show burns very clearly. If the blemishes are beginning to make a negative impact on your entire room aesthetic, it may be time to replace your countertops.

Countertop Cracks and Chips


Just like staining and burns, cracks or chips in your countertops are unsightly and could lead to worse problems down the road. These cracks can eventually grow bigger and can store dirt, grime and other bacteria. Lower end countertop materials will begin showing this over time. There is basically nothing that can be done once your countertops are cracked except to do a countertop replacement.

A great countertop has a magic power: it alone can improve the look of a room.

Refresh Your Look

Whether your countertops are in great condition or not, sometimes you just need to upgrade your room to a more modern design. Home design can change a lot in just a few years. If you host regularly and want to show off that you are always on the side of progressive fashion, then you might want to replace your countertops with a fresh, new look.

Improve the Value of Your Home

One fact that is universally accepted is that the quality of your home’s bathrooms and kitchen can drastically impact the value of your home. A great countertop has a magic power: it, alone, can improve the look of a room.

Countertops will be the first thing that a potential home buyer will see when walking into the room. An outdated aesthetic can quickly be improved with high-quality countertop design thus giving your rather dull room some pop. Granite has always been a countertop material that has impressed potential home buyers and it would be a great choice for improving your home’s value.

Why Granite?

Kitchen with granite kitchen countersGranite is one of the most beautiful and durable materials you can find. With regular care, granite countertops can live forever. Granite is simply a natural stone. Stone is what has lived for thousands of years as roadways. It is built to last.

Granite is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and can resist 900-degree heat without damage. You shouldn’t use knives on granite- not because it will harm the granite, but because it will harm your knife!

Granite is considered superior to many other countertop materials and rightfully so. If you are looking for new options to replace your countertop, contact Affordable Granite Concepts.

Need New Countertops?

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