Tips on How to Clean Granite Countertops | AGC

A popular choice for many homeowners, granite countertops are both elegant and durable. Many countertop materials can be cleaned with traditional cleansers that can be found at the store, but granite needs to be cared for in a particular way to avoid staining or long term damage. Here we outline some helpful tips on how to clean granite countertops.

Do Not Clean Granite with Traditional Cleaners

The most common issue is using regular household cleaning products to clean granite- DON’T. Many items may include acids, vinegars or other abrasive chemicals that could degrade the granite sealer and etch your granite.

Here is a list of cleaners that you shouldn’t use:

  • Generic Cleaning Products
  • Bleach
  • Glass Cleaners
  • Degreasers
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Citrus Cleaners-Lemon, Orange
  • Bathroom Tub and Tile Cleaners
  • Grout Cleaners

Instead, Use a Stone Care Based Cleaner

For regular, day to day cleaning, it’s as easy as soap and water with a sponge or soft cloth. For a deeper clean, you can turn to a stone based cleaner. Cleaning granite requires a cleaner that is not abrasive. Try to look for cleaners that are designed specifically for stone-based surfaces, have low acidity and are PH neutral.

Caring for your granite is simple, cheap and takes little time out of your day.

Use Normal Protective Measures

With granite being so durable, many use that as an excuse to be less focused on keeping the granite protected. If you spill something, blot it up with a paper towel or soft cloth. Use coasters, particularly when using glasses, bottles, and cans. If you take a hot pot off the stove, be sure to place a

Trivet or pad underneath the pot if you plan on putting it back down on your countertop.

This one may seem like common sense, but please DO NOT use your beautiful granite countertop as a cutting board. Not only could this potentially etch the surface of your countertop, but the granite will actually dull and damage your knives.

Seal Your Granite Countertop Frequently

Granite, like other stones, are naturally porous which makes them susceptible to stains. Using a sealant on your granite countertops is a very good way to keep your granite protected from harm and keep it looking beautiful.

Buy a non-toxic PH balanced sealer. Depending on the sealer you use, you may want to repeat every 6 months to assure protection and shine. Lighter granite stains easier than dark granite so you may want to repeat more often. Simply clean the surface, apply the sealant and look at the beauty of your countertop.

Don’t Neglect Your Granite

With a busy schedule, it may be easy to forget to take care of your granite countertops. However, bathrooms and kitchens are critical rooms in your home both as a host and for someone who is interested in selling their home. Caring for your granite is simple, cheap and takes little time out of your day. Do yourself a favor and choose not to neglect your granite countertops.

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