A Kitchen counter made of natural stone slab.

Choosing a new, natural stone slab for your kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop can bring new life to your home. Natural stone comes in multiple colors, styles, and appearances, bringing long-lasting durability and style to any room.

What Should You Consider When Shopping for Natural Stone?

First, reflect on your needs and your style preferences. Next, visit in person to see full-sized slab samples. Finally, seek out professional advice and talk with a trusted granite fabricator for the best results.

Overall, at Affordable Granite Concepts, we believe it’s important you take your time when considering the best choice of Orlando granite for your home. Here are our top tips for choosing a gorgeous natural stone slab you will love for years to come.

Consider Your Color Options

Natural stone slabs are available in over 300 color styles and options at Affordable Granite Solutions. Consider the decor and theme of your kitchen or bathroom when choosing a slab. You can start your process by reviewing our online gallery for ideas and inspiration. See what each selection looks like in real-life settings and how a certain color or style highlights a room.

Reflect On Veining and Patterns

You also want to consider the visual pattern present in your slab. Each natural piece is unique and a large part of the character of quartz or granite comes from its veining. Veining is the effect of the darker, curving, meandering lines that cut through the stone creating an elegant look.

Not every slab has veining or a patterned look, however. Consequently, you will need to consider whether you want veining, a patterned approach, or a more uniform look.

When choosing veining, think about the direction the lines will flow in your space and what might work best. Our team of granite fabricators in Orlando can help advise you on your decision.

By scheduling an appointment you can speak with a team member about your project for guidance and insight on what might work best.

Make Your Selection with Appropriate Lighting

As with any household upgrade, it’s important to see your selection in person. Our granite showroom in Orlando provides the perfect opportunity to browse natural stone slabs up close. See all the details in each piece! Take in full-sized samples and compare looks.

The Affordable Granite Solutions stone showroom in Orlando can also offer you a chance to speak with one of our representatives for an in-depth conversation. Learn more about our high standards as Orlando granite installers and get personalized advice for your project.

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As the fastest granite fabricator in Orlando, we offer a variety of customized Orlando granite solutions. From end tables to granite steps, and beautiful outdoor grill surfaces, with granite in Orlando from Affordable Granite Solutions you get the best results. Get matching natural stone throughout your home for a unified look. We have the latest trends in granite and quartz. Our multiple years of experience provide you with high-quality, affordable results.

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