Image of an outdoor kitchen with a grill, sink, and granite countertops.

Outdoor kitchens are perfect for bringing the family together, entertaining, and simply enjoying time outside. However, being outdoors also means being exposed to the elements. While you and your party can easily take shelter inside when it storms, your kitchen countertops will need to tough it out. One of the most durable materials you can use for your worktop is granite.

Natural, Tough, And Stunning

Granite is a stunning, natural stone that is found around the world. Each piece of stone that is sourced from the earth has unique striations, colors and patterns that cannot be replicated. When granite is used in worktops and properly cared for, they look incredible and can last a lifetime.

Granite has been used as a building material for centuries. Its sturdiness, durability and versatility have made it perfect for floor tiles in heavy-use areas and outdoor kitchen countertops. Granite countertops in outdoor kitchens lend a stunning, high-quality look to the area.

Why Choose Granite Countertops in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Cranking up the heat at your next barbecue? With granite countertops, you won’t have to worry about putting hot pans directly on your worktop. Granite can stand the heat. This makes it an excellent choice for your outdoor kitchen countertops – or even a stone fire pit!

Granite is also water-resistant! This makes granite an excellent choice for outdoor tiles or even as pool pavers. Honed granite or aged finishes work perfectly in wet areas, as they are slip-resistant.

  • Granite resists water.
  • Granite can withstand hot and cold weather.
  • Granite comes alive in the sunlight.

Granite Resists Water

Granite countertops can handle the mess. Water and other liquids simply wipe off – and cleanup is as easy as lathering up with a bit of soap and water. However, letting liquids with dyes, chemicals, or coloring sit on granite surfaces can cause it to stain. While granite countertops are durable and gorgeous, the natural stone is porous and will absorb liquids if they are left to sit on the surface.

To avoid unsightly stains, your granite countertops must be regularly sealed. Sealing prevents the worktop from absorbing liquid. This is especially important if you live in an area with hard water that has high mineral content.

Granite Works In Hot & Cold Weather

Granite countertops are built to hold up to extreme weather. As a natural stone, it can withstand freezing conditions, pouring rain, and extreme heat. Your worktops will not crack or otherwise be damaged by extreme weather if they have been installed by expert granite installers.

As we already mentioned, granite is a porous stone and needs to be sealed to help protect your outdoor kitchen countertops. Sealing your granite surfaces is just as important to protect them from extreme weather as it is to prevent water damage.

You’ll need to reseal your worktops to keep them looking as they did on their first day. If you enjoy DIY, this is something you can do on a weekend. Alternatively, get professional help and simply enjoy your time cooking and eating in your stunning outdoor space.

Granite Performs In Sunlight

Florida is named ‘The Sunshine State’ for a reason. The heat and UV rays in the summer can be intense. While people need to routinely apply sunscreen to protect themselves – what about your outdoor kitchen countertops? Is there such a thing as sunscreen for granite?

The simple answer is, no – not really. Left exposed to direct sunlight, granite countertops will fade over time. However, regularly sealing your kitchen countertops will help. Covering your kitchen worktops with an awning will also help extend the lifespan. If your outdoor kitchen countertops are looking a little under the weather, you can also consult a granite company to ask about polishes that may help revive the worn appearance.

Outdoor Kitchens Are In

Building an outdoor kitchen is a solid investment in your property. Choosing granite countertops will further increase the property value by making it more attractive to prospective buyers. To ensure that your outdoor kitchen is exactly to your liking, be sure to work with a trusted granite company to prepare and install them.

As with any part of your home, keep an eye on the look and feel of your outdoor kitchen countertops. If you notice changes in color, texture, or durability, it might be time to contact Affordable Granite Concepts in Orlando.

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