featured image on a blog regarding countertop edge profiles. This image depicts a kitchen with dark wood cabinetry and a long island in the middle with a granite countertop

So, you’ve decided between quartz, stone or granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom and what colors you want them to be. This is, in itself, a complicated decision because you have to look at the pros and cons of each and then decide what color will go the best with your fittings, appliances, and plumbing. After all, everyone wants a great-looking kitchen and exquisite bathrooms, right? Now you must decide what countertop edge profiles you want.

Straight edge, quarter round, full bullnose, half bullnose, quarter bevel, and half bevel- with so many different types of countertop edge profiles choosing the right style can easily get confusing. What’s more, salespeople will often talk about these as if you have an idea of what each looks like and where they’ll look best.

Luckily, we’re here to help clear the confusion, and here we’ll give you a rundown of some of the most popular countertop edge profiles for your kitchen or bathroom.

This is a straight edge countertop profile. The island in the middle uses white granite countertop that extends directly down the side.

Square Edge

The square edge is probably the simplest and most popular type of countertop edge profile. Its clean lines work well with almost any kitchen or bathroom design and it’s a particularly good choice if you don’t want attention drawn away from other design details. So, if you install that lavish backsplash, you don’t want your edge profile to draw attention away from it.

Beveled Edge

The beveled edge where the top corner is cut off at a 45-degree angle gives your countertops good dimensions, and it makes your countertops look thicker than they actually are. For this reason, it’s very popular and most granite providers don’t charge for this edge profile.

There are also many variations of the style. For instance, you can choose to bevel both the top and bottom edges. You also get more elaborate designs where beveled edge treatments are combined with other shapes to give them a more distinct and unique shape. Beveled edges give your kitchen and bathroom a tasteful elegance and is a mark that your countertop was fabricated with natural stone.

mitered edge countertop profile. this image shows a kitchen with a large charcoal countertop.

Mitered Edge

If you look quickly, it’s easy to mistake a mitered edge profile for a square edge. On closer inspection, though, you’ll find that this edge profile miters the edges of the horizontal top piece and the vertical piece so that they form a straight squared joint.

A mitered edge is one that creates a seamless edge between the top countertop slab and the second piece of stone. Typically, each slab is cut at 45-degree angles making it easy to push together.

Designers often use this edge profile where the vertical face of the edge extends downward more than usual and, as a result, this gives the countertop the look of a very thick slab. Because of this, this design is ideal if you want the look of a thicker slab without the added expense.

Bullnose Edge

With a simple rounded shape, the bullnose edge profile is probably one of the most popular edge profiles there are for granite. Its round shape gives the countertop an elegant, warm, and soft profile while also showing off the solidity and thickness of the slab.

Plus, the rounded edge can be a lot safer compared to the sharp edges of other edge profiles.

in our blog about countertop edge profile, this depicts a kitchen island with a while and red aesthetic. the counterop extends out on the opposite side to act as a "bar" area.

Other Popular Countertop Edge Profiles

In addition to the above countertop edge profiles, there are several others that also regularly find their way into kitchens and bathrooms in Florida.

These include:

  • The Ogee countertop edge is a design where the edge of a countertop has a concave arch that flows into a convex arch. It offers a high-end look, and is one of the most popular premium countertop edge profiles.
  • The Dupont edge features a straight drop flowing into a bullnose-like curve. This is a premium edge profile that gives your countertops a very unique look.
  • The Waterfall edge features a rounded top that falls over the top of the counter to the downward vertical edge. This is commonly used with extra thick slabs.
  • The Chiseled edge resembles rock or stone in its natural state. As such, it’s commonly available in natural stone and quartz countertops and gives your bathroom or kitchen a rustic and informal look.

Final Thoughts

The appropriate edge profile is just as important as the color and the type of material you’ll use in your bathrooms or kitchen, so it’s important that you give it consideration to make sure it fits in with your needs and, more importantly, your style.

If you have more questions about countertop edge profiles or need help matching the right look for your style, contact Affordable Granite Concepts. Our natural stone experts and designers can help you select the perfect edge for your new countertop installation.

Let’s Talk Edge Profiles

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