a luxury clubhouse bathroom with beautiful granite walls and floors

Natural stone is a beautiful element that can add a high level of elegance and sophistication to your home. At Affordable Granite Concepts, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the opportunity to complete custom renovations suited to your home in your choice of stone. From refined fireplaces to gorgeous staircases, bar countertops, tables, and outdoor kitchens, many natural stone applications can be added to your list of home improvement ideas.


a fireplace with natural stone on either side in a warm living room.

As a place to gather and enjoy intimate moments, a fireplace is an important focal point in any room. A granite fireplace brings a sleek look with added functionality. Granite is extremely heat-resistant and also quite easy to clean. As a durable and long-lasting stone, granite is an ideal material for a fireplace element or a mantelpiece. Transform an existing ordinary fireplace into a stunning centerpiece. This upgrade is an investment in your home to last a lifetime. Check out our granite showroom in Orlando for a wide selection of choices.


steps made of granite going into a pool

Do you have an open entryway with a sweeping staircase? A natural stone staircase can add a gorgeous accent to your home. Paired with granite, many types of quartz, or wood flooring, a stone staircase sets a tone of luxury that can be difficult to pass up. The Affordable Granite Concepts stone showroom in Orlando has classic patterns with both bold and subtle designs to match your style.

Natural stone staircases placed outside also add distinct luxury to your home. Granite is highly resistant to heavy and abrasive loads, making it attractive underfoot. With twice the safety margin of marble, granite stairs offer both longevity and an increased aesthetic appeal. Add natural stone for new steps, a path, and even detailing around your garage.

Bar Countertops

natural stone bar countertop with products behind it indicating a commercial space

Building on the concept of natural stone countertops in your kitchen, granite fabricators in Orlando can also supply you with bar countertops in granite, quartz, and other natural stone. A granite or quartz bar top can add value and distinction to your entertainment space. Easy to clean and hardwearing, this can be a perfect choice. No more chips or dings. Indulge in a dark, brooding color for the exact look and feel you want.


a table with a natural stone top pushed up against a wooden wall backdrop

A natural stone table placed strategically inside your home can add a true wow factor to your decor. Orlando granite and natural stone suppliers can help you grow your ideas.

As for dining, kitchen, coffee, or end table material, natural stone and quartz materials allow you to add depth and texture to your visual environment in new ways. Go for a long table to accommodate many guests at once, or spring for a smaller stone accent table full of color and texture.

Renew an old favorite table with a new top or design your own from the ground up using a pedestal T-style. Pair your natural stone with wood or metal for a versatile look that reflects your taste.

Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor grill area with granite countertops

When you think of outdoor kitchens, rustic materials and stainless steel may come to mind. A natural stone countertop placed outside, however, can bring you all the benefits it can inside. In addition, natural stone can match easily with a stone or brick exterior kitchen island, allowing it to blend effortlessly into your backyard environment. Create a gorgeous outdoor oasis with natural veins and coloring that lend itself to the great outdoors.

As your local Orlando granite installers, Affordable Granite Solutions can install your natural stone outdoor countertops in just a few days. In addition, our custom projects allow you to stretch your imagination to form outstanding natural stone structures to decorate your home with exquisite and uncompromising style.

Remodel Your Home with Natural Stone