Granite tile samples in granite supplier showroom

Just like no two slabs of granite are the same, no two granite companies are the same. Not every business offers both product and granite installation. Understanding the difference between granite suppliers and stone fabricators will help you when choosing a granite company you can trust with your home renovation or countertop upgrade.

Granite Suppliers

Granite suppliers are the businesses that source, ship, and store the stone slabs. They are often the B2B facet on the supply-and-demand chain that offers wholesale prices to other businesses. Stone suppliers have large warehouses filled with marble, quartz, and granite slabs, along with other natural and engineered stones. A granite supplier completes the shipping process that brings these massive stone slabs from their country of origin, to your local community.

Granite suppliers sell to retailers or distributors for resale to consumer at a higher price.

Affordable Granite Concepts does things different. While they do source and ship their own granite, AGC is not a typical granite supplier.

Affordable Granite Concepts sources, ships, and supplies natural stone from around the world to their own Central Florida warehouse – not for retailer or distribution resale. This direct-to-consumer method helps AGC maintain low prices and have a consistent flow of exclusive stock.

The AGC warehouse doubles as a natural stone showroom, so the local community can browse the gorgeous, exotic granite, marble, and quartz selection at their own pace – and for a better price.

Granite fabricator creates close jointing between paver blocks

Stone Fabricators

Granite and stone fabricators are the hands-on experts that cut, polish, and install your stone. From quartz countertops and marble tabletops, to backsplashes and other granite transformations, stone fabricators will make sure that your stone gets from the showroom, to your room.

Once you select your preferred granite, marble, quartz or other natural stone, the fabrication process starts. A team of professional stone installers will take laser measurements of your space to decide how much product you will need. They will then cut your stone, polish it, and install it in your space. The fabrication process also includes laying out the stone to ensure the best view of striations, veins, shading, and other aspects of the product are featured.

The granite fabrication process is a fine art. It requires precision, detail, and an eye for design.

Affordable Granite Concepts is the fastest stone and granite fabrication company in Central Florida. The AGC team executes the process from measurements and drafting, to the final details of granite installation and project cleanup.

The Best of Both Worlds

Choosing one company that acts as both their own supplier and fabricator cuts down on risk and makes life more convenient. If you’re in the process of renovating your home or commercial space, you know how overwhelming it can be to find a trusted stone supplier that also does quality installation.

Affordable Granite Concepts specializes in granite fabrication, sales, and installation! This means that AGC granite suppliers can help you find a breathtaking piece of granite, quartz, or other stone slabs in the showroom. AGC can then cut your stone, polish, and even install it!

Affordable Granite Concepts has over 300 colors and styles of granite, quartz, and other natural stones in their 12,000 square foot Altamonte Springs showroom. The showroom is conveniently located near Orlando, Winter Park, and Lake Mary. AGC consistently brings in new stone to the showroom, and features the best granite in Central Florida.

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Affordable Granite Concepts is a premier granite installation and fabrication company. We are committed to providing you the best quality experience for investing in commercial and residential granite.