Modern kitchen with black cabinets and white granite countertop colors.

Granite is to a countertop what quality fabric is to an outfit – you can attempt to mimic its design, but natural beauty cannot be replicated. When walking into a kitchen, bathroom, or office space that has vibrant granite countertop colors with bold striations, it creates a certain ambiance that just can’t be achieved with knock-offs or cheap materials. We’ve put together this list of the most popular granite countertop colors that are trending now, so you can get a little inspiration before choosing the best color palette to enhance the look and feel of your space.

Kitchen with white cabinets, grey walls, and black granite countertop colors.

White Granite Countertops

White granite countertops are one of the most in-demand granite countertop colors. White contrasts well with black, grey, or navy blue, making white granite countertops a gorgeous choice for spaces with bold walls, tile, or cabinet colors. White also looks breathtaking as a monochromatic palate. White walls, cabinets, and granite can make a room feel open, clean, and bright.

When looking at white granite countertop colors, remember that there is no such thing as pure white granite. You’ll often find either off-white or silvery-white. With that in mind, you have many styles and hues to choose from.

Colonial White Granite

Colonial White Granite is mined from Northwest India and has brown and rose-colored flakes. It has a lovely off-white granite hue. Countertops, fireplace surrounds, mosaics, window sills, stair treads, water features, and interior and outdoor accent walls are all common uses for this natural stone.

Dallas White Granite

The primary base color of a Dallas White granite block is white, with scattered various degrees of grey throughout. There are a few maroon dots scattered over the slab’s surface. Some slabs will have a larger density cluster of charcoal-toned grays and more burgundy-toned flecks.

White Ice Granite

White Ice granite countertops often have lighter striations and fewer flecks, making them appear more monochromatic than other options. While the pure look of this appeals to some, it comes with a cost. White Ice granite is more fragile than other types of white granite. Although White Ice granite is scratch-resistant, it is more susceptible to discoloration and heat damage because of the minimalist hue.

River White Granite

River White granite’s predominant hue is a light greyish-white that constitutes the stone’s bedrock. It’s studded with shades of smoky veins that are clear and delicate. Because the veins are tiny and uncommon, the overall look is quite soft.

Alaska White Granite

Alaska White granite features cold, ice tones and a mineral combination that produces eye-catching patterns, giving your kitchen or bathroom a beautiful contemporary aesthetic. In addition, it features a white foundation with occasional pops of dark brown mineral veins and patches of icy grey, giving it a stunning appearance up close and from afar.

Bianco Antico Granite

Bianco Antico granite countertops are one of the most popular color choices, as the palate is speckled with muted bursts of color. Bianco White, also known as Royal Silk, Diamond White, or Pearl White, is a white stone from Ceara, Brazil, with traces of brown and pink. Bianco Antico looks bare at first glance, with mainly uniform white and gray colors – but a closer inspection reveals amazing intricacies that make this one of the most popular granite countertop colors.

Picture of granite tiles stacked on top of one another that showcase different options for granite countertop colors.

Black Granite Countertops

Black granite is a fantastic choice for countertops because of its rich hues and durability. Black granite countertops contrast well with light colors – or can create an ultra-modern feel when paired with wood tones and other dark colors. Black granite countertop colors are also more forgiving, as they easily hide stains, dings, or spills.

Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy granite is a solid black stone with copper-colored flakes strewn throughout. The twinkling, speckled appearance and bold black tones give exquisite ambiance to any room. When looking closely, Black Galaxy granite is reminiscent of a starry night sky.

Uba Tuba Granite

Ubatuba granite (also known as Uba Tuba granite) is a beautiful and widely used darker-colored granite mined in Brazil. Granite countertops and backsplashes are among the most popular options among homeowners when using Uba Tuba granite.

Blue Pearl Granite

Blue Pearl is a trendy granite mined in large numbers in Norway. Because of its black hue and strong mineral structure, it is stain resistant and does not discolor when exposed to heat in large volumes. You may expect this granite to be blue in hue based on its name. Blue Pearl granite, however, has a dark gray hue.

Picture of Affordable Granite Concepts renovation project featuring a kitchen with blue granite countertops.

Blue Granite Countertops

Blue granite countertops are often one of the costliest options. The natural bluestone is uncommon and in short supply, making it far more difficult to supply than other natural stone hues or varieties. However, price aside, blue granite countertops are still incredibly popular choices for many homeowners, as they make breathtaking additions to any space.

Blue Bahia Granite

The black, blue, and yellow tones of Blue Bahia Granite give it a tropical feel. This Brazilian exotic granite is best used in areas that need a pop of color and character.

Blue Dunes Granite

Blue Dunes Granite is an earth tone gem from India that has various tones of milk, grey, and black throughout. The name of this stone comes from the flecks of blue that can be seen throughout it.

Other Popular Granite Colors

Pink Granite

Pink granite brings a touch of soft sophistication to any room. A popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens, this stone has a timeless quality that will enhance your home for decades to come.

Red Granite

Red granite is somewhat unorthodox in the application. It is, however, a sought-after shade for very specific designs. It certainly adds a certain “pop” to the overall aesthetic.

Green Granite

Green granite countertops exude flamboyance and grandeur, making a dramatic solid statement in any kitchen. While green granite is not as famous as white or black granite, it makes a statement as a unique countertop.

Steel Grey Granite

Grey granite is a lovely natural stone choice for homeowners looking for a neutral hue for their new countertop, backsplash, or vanity. In addition, the many varieties of grey granite are always visually pleasing. Steel Grey Granite comes in two different finishes: polished and brushed. The former has a glossier appearance that catches and reflects light, while the brushed granite has a more subtle appearance.

Baltic Brown Granite

This is the trading name for pre-Cambrian brown-black granite (Rapakivi) containing spherical-shaped brown potassic rocks. It comprises an attractive mixture of browns and black, freckled with lighter gray spots.

Affordable Granite Concepts: Supplying the Orlando Granite Demand

Granite is regarded as top-grade material by interior designers, homeowners, and even home design magazines! Since it’s a natural stone that is mined from the earth, each granite slab has streaks, striations and flecks that are completely unique to that individual piece. This makes it more desirable – and more stunning when you do find those snowy whites, piercing blacks, or ocean blues.

But choosing granite countertop colors is by no means an easy task. Whether you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or you want granite countertops in your outdoor kitchen, choosing the right piece can completely change the look and feel of a room.

As a granite fabricator in Orlando with one of the biggest granite showrooms in Central Florida, we know what’s in high demand. The granite colors featured in this article are the granite slabs that often cycle in and out of our warehouse. After browsing this list of the most popular granite countertop colors, come visit the Affordable Granite Concepts granite showroom in Orlando. Our friendly staff will help you select the perfect granite slab for your home or office.

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