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So, you’re remodeling your kitchen and/or bathroom countertops. Great! Soon you’ll have a fresh new look, which will increase your home’s value and allow you to enjoy their beauty and functionality for years to come. However, big jobs like these come with an endless list of questions. How much will the countertop cost? Should you go with granite or quartz countertops? What’s the average price per square foot? How much will the labor be?

No worries, Affordable Granite Concepts has got you covered. Read on for a guide that will help you find some clarity, and get you on your way to enjoying your beautiful new countertops!

Common Countertop Material Options

Granite Countertops

Granite is a natural stone harvested from the earth in giant slabs – making each piece unique. While it was previously only available to those wanting to spend top dollar, its increased popularity has made it more affordable in recent years.

There are many colors and styles of granite – from those that are heavily patterned to simpler, more uniform pieces. Granite is a porous stone, so sealing your countertops on a regular schedule is a must in order to keep your granite countertops clean and pristine.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a popular choice for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Quartz countertops are made through a process that fuses crushed quartz stone with a hardening resin. This process makes it more affordable, while also enabling buyers to choose the color, pattern, and texture they desire – in any size!

Though it’s manmade and not as unique as granite, its durability and resistance to scratches can’t be beat. Since the resin is baked into the material, this makes quartz countertops a low maintenance choice. This means you can enjoy your beautiful countertops without having to worry about them being chipped or scratched. They’re easy to clean, too!

Marble Countertops

Marble is another luxurious and naturally occurring stone. While it does come with a higher price tag, the look and feel of marble countertops can be superior to other materials. Similar to granite countertops, marble needs to be regularly sealed in order to maintain the stunning appearance. Scratches and dings can be prevented with regular care, and the maintenance will be well worth the extra cost and effort!

Average Countertop Costs

Cost of Granite Countertops

Given that there are many different types of granite that’s sourced from different parts of the world, the cost per square foot of this natural stone varies greatly. The average cost of countertops is $40 to $60 per square foot, with the rare types pricing up to and even beyond $100 per square foot.

More cost-effective options are available however, such as tiles instead of slabs. These will run you from $5 to $15 per square foot, but be aware — the slab has a cleaner look and requires less maintenance, so you may wind up saving money in the long run when choosing a full slab.

Since home renovations are highly custom projects, you’ll need to talk to a granite countertop installation professional before making any major decisions.

The granite fabricators and designers at Affordable Granite Concepts will be able to help you achieve the look you want within your budget!

Request a Quote

After selecting the color and size you need, the granite fabrication process includes cutting your new granite, smoothing out any blemishes. Granite fabrication and granite installation will add additional cost, depending on the scope of your project. Consult a granite fabricator near you to get a quote for your home improvement project!

Cost of Quartz Countertops

On average, quartz will run about $50-150 per square foot. The brand of quartz selected, quality, color, and scope of your project all have an impact on the end cost of your new countertop installation.

The added labor will cost $10 to $30 per square foot, or $35 to $85 per hour depending on your contractor’s pricing. Consult a trusted team of granite installation experts to get a more accurate quote for your countertop upgrade.

Cost of Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are an elegant choice for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Marble ranges from $40 to $100 per square foot, with an average of about $60. Similar to granite, you can choose marble tiles instead of a full slab to save on initial cost – but the extra maintenance required to keep marble tiles looking fresh will add up over time.

Like all types of countertops, labor depends on the contractor. That’s why it’s extremely important to choose a trusted granite company that can offer a top-notch product and superb customer service!

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Affordable Granite Concepts Cost Guide

Each project is different from the next. That’s why it’s so important to choose an experienced granite company that will partner with you to help build your dream home at an affordable rate! Whatever material you choose, your new countertops will add beauty and value to your home – and you’ll be so glad you took the plunge once you have them!

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